Another so suitable for freeruner?

Niels Heyvaert nielsheyvaert at
Tue Nov 9 11:14:54 CET 2010

>But if you wanna port Android onto the new OpenMoko.
>I'm sure GNUtoo will be pleased to do this too, as soon
>as he got a new OpenMoko.


For those of you interested in running/building/improving Android on the Freerunner, check out Cupcake is stable and working on the Freerunner. We've recently received some patches which should have resolved issues with sound via Bluetooth (thanks to Zhang Yi). Froyo is still under construction. Ran and Jim are working on some patches to improve the Froyo branch. Cupcake and Froyo are now available in SD only or NAND installations (thanks to Christian and Ran).

The project mailinglist can be found here:

It would be great to see what co-operation is possible with other initiatives also targetting Android on the Freerunner. Feel free to post your ideas on the AoF list to discuss with the AoF community.

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