How to access the modem in QtMoko

robin spielraum at
Sat Dec 1 23:36:03 CET 2012

hi neil,

openbmap and cellhunter use fso to access the modem, and at least in openbmaps
code I have found a bit which checks if the modem is used by some other 
process and if not allows you to do the scanning of the main and neighbour

even if this becomes a bit off topic now, regarding the gsm-based location I
am working on, I think that something similar could/must exist in qtmoko to 
get this information as already with mokofaen we have the lac and cellid 
of the serving cell being displayed on the home screen. this information
already gives you a circular area around the serving cell where your phone is
currently located in steps of 555m; so that is not too bad for a start. having
neighbours or even being able to connect to other operators using roaming but
to get their nearest cell would be the best and easiest way to narrow the 
position down even more. <--- so this is the part where I am wondering how to
access this information in qtmoko, also if possible via at commands and getting
the return information processed by python, which is not as nicely as with fso
but it should work.

for my other intends on how to investigate further why gprs is not working for
my freerunner it would nonetheless be nice to have a simple way to try at

and in the end just use at commands to eg save power by shuting the modem 
down if you go to bed and don't want to be disturbed but still have a phone
which wakes you up, as suspend in qtmoko works only from suspend mode only but
not from turned off mode (some time delay problem).

best regards and many thanks to you and radek as well and the other developers
who do an amazing job (qtmoko/shr/androdi) + golden del for having the guts 
to go for a gta04!!!


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