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Wed Feb 29 22:39:05 CET 2012

The biggest benefit of a hardware keyboard is that you don't need to type as accurate, touching other keys while pressing one does not affect that much. (If it does you can feel it.) To hit a key on a touchscreen keyboard needs the center of the finger to be inside the buttons region, on a hardware keyboard it's the highest pressure which defines the key to be pressed. On small hardware keyboard it's possible to write different letters without really lifting the thumb form it (it's also possible without moving, by rolling the thumb sidewards).

People simply prefer hardware keyboard because they like to do less mistypings and see the complete screen.

Does the touchscreen provide pressure data? Using pressure data could possibly make at least aiming the keys similar like on hardware keyboards, maybe I could type more accurate this way. 

>> So let us understand what the issues are with a onscreen keyboard and
>> try to improve that. Let's join forces of this community and develop the
>> best
>> and really useable on-screen keyboard in the world!
>> Nikolaus

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