Host Based Development for Om2008.12

Christian Nolte ch.nolte at
Thu Jan 22 16:16:01 CET 2009

Christian Nolte schrieb:
> AFAICS the wiki information about host based development is outdated. It
> refers to Om2007.2 all the time:
> I would like to know how the current toolchain can be used with
> developing for the latest stable release Om2008.12 and for the current
> development trunk. Is there some information in the wiki which I am
> missing here?
> What I also would like to know is which windowing toolkit is being used
> in the current dev version. This does not seem to be GTK anymore. Is
> software which is developed for Om2007 compatible with Om2008.x?

To clear things up: I am new to the openmoko development world and have
no further informational background on the history of openmoko development.

Could it be that from Om2008.8 on that Qtopia (or QtExtended for that
matter) is being used as the supported frontend?

Do the daily builds from

only contain Qtopia? Is the Openmoko-UI discontinued?

It would be nice to get any feedback on this, as I am going to develop
an application which should be running on the current version of the phone.

Thanks in advance,

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