Anyone else got a non-working GSM modem?

John Locke mail at
Thu Aug 2 00:09:07 CEST 2007

> You can also open multiple tabs on the terminal emulator.
> What I want to know is do you have to issue the commands to activate
> the gsm modem on the device or can it be done over ssh, because
> 'delete' in the Neo's terminal causes two boxes seperated by a space
> to appear instead of deleting the preceding character, also there is
> no autocomplete and to top it all the slash and hyphen characters are
> on a different keyboard making the on-screen keyboard frustratingly
> difficult to use.

Works just fine through SSH.

Some of the GUI programs work fine, if you export DISPLAY=:0 before
starting them in your SSH shell.

Also, had fun playing around with remote X sessions--on the Neo, run
xhost + , which allows X connections from other machines. Then, on your
connected machine, you can export DISPLAY=, and start up
programs on your laptop and play around with them on the Neo... was
fooling around with xeyes, konqueror, gnometris, and others on the Neo...

I haven't found the terminal settings to get rid of the box/space/box on
backspace/etc. but this should be possible.

There is another keyboard available, however, which has tab, escape,
shift, all the normal stuff on one screen. Not sure the official way to
get to it, but I hold down for a second or two along the right edge of
the white box, and get a pop-up menu with two keyboards and stroke
recognizer listed. The second keyboard is much easier to use for
terminal stuff, including tab completion...


John Locke
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