Terminal showing 'blocks' when backspacing

Ortwin Regel ortwin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 17:09:22 CEST 2007

For a quick fix, hide the keyboard, then make it appear again, and the
backspaces are magically processed.

On 8/7/07, "Jørgen P. Tjernø" <jorgen at devsoft.no> wrote:
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> When using backspace in the terminal, I get 'blocks' - and it doesn't
> visually erase them. (But when I press enter, it executes the command as
> if the backspaces were valid)
> I would guess this is a known bug, but bugzilla-searching for 'terminal'
> or 'backspace' yielded nothing of interest. Anyone else experiencing
> this? (I think I had it in qemu)
> If so, I guess I'll post a bug about it. :-)
> Kindest regards, Jørgen P. Tjernø.
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