Next problem

wim delvaux wim.delvaux at
Sun Aug 19 14:47:08 CEST 2007

I started the input manager (the white patch at the top) from the applications 

The white patch overlaps the icons on the right (bluetooth, etc.)

Next I tried starting the contact manager.  This application starts just fine 
but when I try to fill in a field, the input manager's keyboard does not show 
but a kind of white, built in keyboard.  The keyboard is too large causing 
some keys to overlap.

After trying to enter some data, I had two keyboards on the screen. the white 
one and the input manager's one.  the white one disappears when you leave the 
input field but then I tried to hide the input manager's keyboard but to my 
surprise I got a SECOND keyboard above the previous one.  Only the top 
keyboard was working, the other did not produce any keystrokes.

After closing the top keyboard (using the inputmanager), the entire GUI 
crashed.  I now see a black boot screen with a lot of messages of the 
sort 'waiting for X server to shut down : dbus-marshal-recursive.o(1186)got 

Now I need to rip out the battery again.


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