u-boot console

clare u5618 at perth.dialix.com.au
Fri May 2 11:23:01 CEST 2008

YOu said:
it got stuck in the boot process while
> configuring packages.

This sounds as though it does actually boot.
In order to do flashing can you get a boot menu using just the phone?
Hold the aux button down and while it is down press the power button
until you sense a very small click, it should then respond by
bringing  upwards a screen which says at the top

u-boot and some version information

Given that you can flash with dfu-util, I will tell you more if you get to 
that point because I have to leave now and go home. If you dont get there 
I cant help anyway.


On Fri, 2 May 2008, Hermann Lacheiner wrote:

> Hi neo owners,
> I recently got a used neo1973 for testing purposes. I wanted to flash
> the last recommended image, but it got stuck in the boot process while
> configuring packages. So I think I have to clear the nand before
> flashing the new image as stated in the wiki to completely remove
> fragments of the old image.
> The problem now is, that connecting to the u-boot console using usb
> does not work for me. No u-boot prompt is appearing when connecting
> with cu or screen, and there is no entry in the boot menu to "Set
> Console to USB". I found another mail concerning this issue in the
> archive, but no actual solution was provided. Could you give me some
> hints resolving this issue. Thank you very much!
> hermann

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