Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Mon Mar 3 12:52:25 CET 2008


I'm in taipei and had the oppurtunity to discuss some of the general issues 
with raster and this is a summary of them.

The Freerunner will use the EFL based illume launcher, Qtopia is coming with 
its own launcher and we do not have place for two of them. Also Qtopia is 
making assumptions on the Window Management/Placement that work on QtopiaCore 
but not on Qt/X11.

In Qtopia the qpe process is the process that shows the launcher but it has 
also some other services, apps and daemons built-in (e.g. QCOP/X11, 
CallHistory, Dialer, Obex, Sync bridge, Soft menu). We had the option to 
migrate the services to other places or do not have a homescreen/launcher. A 
mail was sent to the qtopia-interest mailinglist to ask for some input on how 
to do the second, but no feedback was received yet.
I went for the minimal solution as on the one hand Trolltech is currently 
working on the src/server directory (by looking at the rsync changes), the 
danger of having difficulties to merge and the assumptions built into the 
launcher that certain things like the homescreen do exist.

Illume and Qtopia interaction:
	-Qtopia already flags its window's with _QTOPIA_SOFT_MENUBARS
	-We will flag the soft menu with _QTOPIA_SOFT_MENUBAR
	-illume/e will map and place the soft menubar when it is seeing a Qtopia 
	 window. This needs to be implemented though.
	-illume will never set _QTOPIA_SOFT_MENUBAR to be the active window.

Softkeyboard in the long run:
	- We need to figure out how this fits into the OpenMoko design and either get 
	  rid of it or make it more generic.

	- Work on the qpe for the general stuff
	- Start with the Phone and PIM apps, write proper freedesktop.org desktop 
	   files and test these apps, extend it to the other applications.

Done this week:
	- Discussion with raster on the integration
	- Getting rid of the qpe launcher
	- Fixing softmenu/contextlabel bugs on Qtopia/X11
	- Spent some time splitting the huge tarball

Looking at the open issues from the last report:
        - On slow start Datebook/Todo try to import data, something is wrong 
	   with the QCOP implementation on X11?

For the coming week:
	-Work on the above QCOP thingie
	-Test applications and make sure they can be launched from E.
	-Start on splitting the Qtopia tree and creating an alternative build 

questions? comments?

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