recent KiCad vs. libboost

cyrusdreams cyrusdreams at
Sat May 30 10:05:20 CEST 2009

Am Donnerstag 28 Mai 2009 schrieb Werner Almesberger:

> KiCad requires libboost 1.36 or newer. If using an older
> distribution, you may need to upgrade libboost. With Ubuntu 8.10,
> this can be done as follows:

For OpenSUSE, the most recent libboost can be found in the HAMradio repository 
(generic install instructions):

- open YaST "Software Repositories"
- either do: "Add Community Repository" and chose openSUSE_1x.x_hamradio
- or do "HTTP..." and use following URL (use your specific openSUSE version!)


- save and exit, the repository should be initialized now (thoroughly read the 
warning that appears!)
- open Package Management and search for libboost
- check which version you want to install in the "Version" tab of the window
- "update" the package if necessary by clicking on the version you want to 
have in the "Version" tab

Maybe you should check in the "Summary" filter whether there are automatic 
changes you don't want to have, then you would have to sort them out 
manually :(


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