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On 7/13/07, pauric <pauric at pauric.net> wrote:
> PC World "initiating a phone call from the phone book is an "annoying two
> step process"."
> I think thats a misguided comment from them.  Show me a phone that allows
> for ease of use, 1 step calling and presentation of secondary tasks (edit,
> email, sms, etc)
> Let me describe a methodology about communications, be that on a PC or
> mobile device.  When a person wants to contact someone else, they first
> think of the person, they second think of the method.  So, the Address book
> is the 'menu' and the method (voice, sms, email) is the secondary method of
> communication. This is how Apple have implemented it on the iPhone.
> I would like my mobile interaction flow to work something like this
> 1)I decide I need to contact my boss because I'm stuck in traffic and late
> for work
> 2)I select my boss from the address book
> I'm presented with methods
> 3)I choose SMS (no email - no wifif/bluethooth, no voice call because he's
> in a meeting etc)
> So you see how the 2 step calling method works in real life, how PC World
> says the iPhone fails, maybe they performed the test as a performance/timed
> based lab test.
> Someone in thsi thread last month suggested making the entire number the
> button.  Why not make the entire name/number cell the button.  Tap and hold
> for 0.25 seconds to go to the second page.  Then you are presented with
> options: voice, sms, email, edit (under edit you can delete) and the voice
> button changes to hang-up button during the call.
> Btw, I have played with the iPhone and it is truly wonderful.

There is an alternative way: pie menus. Since some days i started
experimenting with them, and they are really an incredible usability
increase. How? simple: press on the name and release calls the numer,
pressing and moving up starts an sms, moving left starts an e-mail, moving
right shows the call history and moving down show the dit panel. Everything
decorated with a nice circle and some smart icons. In my opinion that would
be the best way.

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