Help with creating a high-functionality, high-stability FSO/ASU based release

Graeme Gregory graeme at
Sat Jul 5 11:19:49 CEST 2008

On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 11:16:32AM -0500, Mike (mwester) wrote:
> > Woohoo, fork city!
> As Mickey noted in his earlier email on this topic, why fork OE?  This
> is not a fork, its continuing development of a project that originated
> in OE, and was forked to a separate git repo later on.
Id like to weigh in here as the person who maintains the OM fork of OE

For a community project it makes much more sense to base on core OE than
my OM fork. The reasons are.

a) I dont work 100% on mergeing so OM lags on patches for days/weeks
b) OM fork is driven by corporate choices, you'll end up undoing some of
the changes I do.
c) when OE moves to git merging is cheap.
d) fso and asu both mess with E, at the moment OM cares for ASU, not FSO
so I cant promise not to break FSO image in OM.

So in summary, mike makes a lot of good points which I would agree with.


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