GTA01 bug classification

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Dec 3 13:53:38 CET 2007

Hi Willie, Wolfgang,

here are some more GTA01-only bugs:
set CPU voltage to 1.8V on 200MHz or less

  Low priority. Also needs evaluation of whether clock speed reduction
  is actually technically sound. Should probably be considered as part
  of a general power management review and cleanup.
verify charger current and battery temperature reading correctness
Information about current charging status when AC is online
battery voltage scale is not correct
battemp values obviously bogus
Use obviously bogus value for off-scale high battemp value

  Since the PMU is different in GTA02, most if not all of these are
  specific to GTA01. In particular, GTA02 uses the 3rd battery
  terminal for digital I/O, not for an analog battery temperature

  I'm not sure whether these bugs are still valid. I'd rate at
  least charger current as important. The battery temperature is
  monitored inside the battery anyway, so just reporting "9999"
  (as suggested in #796) might be a good enough solution.
PMU driver doesn't populate initial input device status

  Not GTA01-only, but closely related to the cluster of bugs above.

- Werner

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