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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Then I booted into SHR and tried calling. No sound. Ssh'd into it and
| looked at alsamixer, which looked fine. So I thought this might be some
| incompatibility between SHR and stable-tracking.
| Then I re-flashed u-boot changed the environment to boot the bigger
| kernel and retried. With success.

Can you give me a URL for the SHR image you used, I'll try it tonight.

| Will retry now with the newer Qi (qi-s3c2442-andy_589233efbd0792b8.udfu)
| and the newer uImage
| and will tell you, if I can reproduce it...
|> Which sound channels are we trying to use?
| How do I check this?

I am just wondering about if it is the earpiece, the ringer or headset,
or if they are all strangely silent.

I have tested sound in the past by cat /dev/urandom /dev/dsp for example.

I guess there are things we could do in Qi to impact sound but it's
funny because the GPIO init and the PMU register init is based on stuff
from U-Boot directly, although the PMU register list was really chopped
down... maybe that's the first place to look.

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