stable-tracking test image

Klaus Kurzmann mok at
Mon Nov 17 06:52:53 CET 2008

* Andy Green <andy at> [081116 23:26]:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> |> I guess there are things we could do in Qi to impact sound but it's
> |> funny because the GPIO init and the PMU register init is based on stuff
> |> from U-Boot directly, although the PMU register list was really chopped
> |> down... maybe that's the first place to look.
> |
> | so this is what I (re-)did step-by-step:

> Thanks a lot for following up on this report.


> should get audio working again.

yep, I can confirm it. Audio is working again :)

> | Another thing I notice... the newer kernel I flashed (69f1632025765e66)
> | is supposed to turn the backlight of? Because I still the screen gray
> | and not completely off.

> Hum seems to keep the actual backlight level at 2, I'll look at it.

> -Andy


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