[gta02] Correct alsastatefile fits all Neos

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Fri Feb 13 06:43:32 CET 2009

Am Fr  13. Februar 2009 schrieb Andy Green:
> >      There is NO NEED to have device-specific alsa.state files! [2]
> > Applies to GTA02 only. For GTA01 file format differs for unknown reason.
> > GTA01 Mixer settings should be identical to GTA02. GTA03 will need 
> > new statefile.
> So there definitely IS a need for device-specific ALSA files when we
> want one rootfs to work across multiple devices, which I take it we do.
> -Andy

Yes, absolutely correct for the wider view of using same rootfs on GTA02/03.
I suggest to solve this GTA02 vs GTA03 issue in a more ALSA conformant way.
First step would be the name of alsa soundcard devicedriver should represent 
the differences in hardware.
Next we could think about a straight way to make alsamixer, alsactl etc use 
the right alsa.state file (section?) matching the actually loaded 

I admit this idea is a little green yet. Anyway alsa.state files are no strict 
config files. Usually they are created by "alsactl store -f statefile" -  
this always yields a syntactically valid statefile matching the machine (as 
long as correct driver is loaded), but of course just representing any recent 
state the mixer was in at creation time. Manipulation of mixer settings 
usually is done via `amixer` cmd. A script comprising a number of amixer cmds 
would be an alternative way to `alsactl -f scenario.state restore` for 
setting up a mixer route. Advantage would be you could overlap multiple such 
settings as each script leaves controls untouched that are not involved in 
the particular setting.

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