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I proposed earlier something I would call "sysint", and I am more and more
convinced that this would be very useful for everybody.  It would be a
special kernel to userspace call, where the kernel would launch special
application to handle events like phone call, keyboard pressed longer etc,
etc. If the gsm driver would detect a gsm event (do not know how it is
handled inside the kernel exactly) it would  "freeze" anything else, and
would call our sysint application to handle the incoming call. Such an
application would be very small, would just show a number, or would do fast
lookup in a database with phonenumber etc. The same sysint application could
be used for "killing" non responsive applications, or sturting GUI
subsystems. This could be triggered if one of the buttons are pressed longer
than 5 seconds etc. Under heavy load dbus and other userspace tricks are
just not enough good in my opinion. I would like to have both qtmoko and
enlightment based gui in the same time, but I do not have a "master"
gui/applicaion to switch between them. etc. Such a master application could
start also other "gui subsytem" based applications like directfb, sdl etc.
Of course there are little details like if kernel starts such an application
how it will relate to the master init process, how is the modem/gsm
ownership handled etc. etc.

Such an application could be used with any distro, as it would use the
framebuffer. In all distros would move to kms/dri, it could be implemented
on top of kms/dri etc.

what is your opinion?

mobi phil

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