OM2008.12 - basic usage instructions?

Johny Tenfinger seba.dos1 at
Fri Apr 10 00:04:43 CEST 2009

But why to waste time with docummenting unsupported software? Om2008
is deprecated. If you want to be supported, you have to use some FSO
based system (SHR, Om2009).

2009/4/9, halbtaxabo-om at <halbtaxabo-om at>:
> Sean Chadwell <smchadwell at> wrote:
>> I found Tom Yates' pages really helpful. Start with "More fun with our
>> Openmoko" (it's about 2008.9), but most of it will apply to 2008.12, as
>> well, which he covers here (albeit in less detail).
> Thanks, they look really useful!
>>Don't waste all your time there, we're expecting the new 2009 version
>>of the Openmoko distribution to arrive (well, there was a promise to
>>have something last month already) at some stage.
> I don't think that waiting for the next release is a good idea. I was at
> Sean Moss-Pulz' talk in Bern on April 2.
> In the Q&A, somebody said that his Freerunner missed incoming calls. Sean
> M-P replied that this would be
> fixed really soon. I asked, "When?" and Sean said, "June".
> The thought of new users struggling with the old docs, which are mostly no
> longer relevant, for the next
> 2 months is awful, don't you think? But maybe adding a pointer to Tom Yates'
> pages will do for now.
> Nick
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