Dual use stylus Re: Text input.

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Dec 1 12:03:16 CET 2006

Salve Daniel, Sean, *!

On Fri, 01 Dec 2006, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:

> On 12/1/06 12:27 PM, "Daniel Savage" <sabhain at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Just curious with all the discussion of different text input methods .. 

;) it was just a brainstorming what else would be possible
and to speak out new ideas software patents could be 
prevented a bit - but also new or other ideas could make
others bring new ideas of concepts and GUI design.
And maybe a small hardware design changement could make
new thinks possible and worth it to think about in implementation
(maybe v1.)

> > is a
> > stylus a part of the standard Neo package planned with the touch pad?
> Yes.

When the Neo1973 would have a stylus with it,
could it be a dual use stylus for all
- just to be able to write on paper as well.

Buy making the Neo1973 the "swiss army knife"
for mobile communication - a simple (ball) pen 
for paper can't miss....

But it must have a markant design in colour,
shape and haptic to avoide that the user
would be confused and use the wrong side to
write on the Neo - e.g. 
one side silver, clean,  cool (better thermal conduction) and thin
the other black, rough, warm and thick
and the centre of mass should lay decenterd, so that the
heave side will be the one that you use to write
on the Neo1973.
So better:
Neo: (thick),silver,cool, clean, heavy
Pen: (thin) black/colour plastic, rough, wave shape, warm, and light
    (BTW I does not like plasic with a metal coat of lacquer - the Neo1973
     should have "solid-coloured" plastic and under metal look surfaces
     coloured plastic in gray similar to the metal surface)
     And the plastic/lacquer should be not only selected that the Phone
     looks great on the first days - the surfaces should be hard
     and long-living)

And it would be more coherent design when the 
Neo1973 would be a collection of communication
tools instead of mixing it with mechanical tools
like toothpick.... :)


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