is there an open DSP on the market? Re: "some" more ideas with sound and LF/VLF Re: Idea: datatransmission using ultrasound

Robert Michel openmoko at
Fri Dec 15 19:19:02 CET 2006

Salve *!

Robert Michel schrieb am Freitag, den 15. Dezember 2006 um 19:03h:
> -- guitare sound effecet - plug your Neo1973 between your Guitar/ebass 
>    and your amp (ohh they are normaly used as pedal - so the Neo
>    must be stable or USB pedal is used....
>    ha! use sound commands for switching the digital guitar effects
>    shout "total overdrive", "Nirvana" "U2" to your neo. "more" or "less"
---  Instead of Midi inside a song switching different songs could 
     be done by playing pause, special notes "ultra high c to mute
     and start the sound menue - select the effects with your
     instrument" - or just recording the song and analyse that 
     after the drumbreake your gutiar effect switchs to "soft"

Does somebody knows a DSP with an audio SDK to do tubes simulation,
feedback chorus generation and feedback/echo canceling with open source?
:) Could be (become) on a SD card to do things like that.

And who think know - "nice" - but this will no "killer application for 
a phone" does still haven't understood that beside good core phone 
function there will be no single "killer application" for a smartphone.
smartphone = mobil PC + GSM/GPRS
In my eyes is the "killer function" of OpenMoko/Neo1973 that nearly
everything that you could do with a PC will be possible to do with
this smartphone. Plugging a Laptop beween a Guitar and amp is not
so handy - some good speach commands/sound anlalysing tools on the
device will make it very handy (beside the size).


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