Non-gprs Internet access options without wifi (cel-dialup)

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Sun Jan 14 13:42:13 CET 2007

* Rob <openmoko at> [070113 17:58]:
> >E.g.: I've used a Sidekick and now use a Nokia 9500 intensivly, and I
> >seldom go over 1-2MB per day (despite it having EGPRS, which is a
> >qualitive jump).
> ...In Canada, at $.03 per kb, 1-2 mb per day would add up to somewhere
Well, that's about a factor of two magnitudes more expensive then

Technically speaking, I pay EUR8/MB when ROAMING in Germany with an
Austrian SIM, and EUR11/MB when I roam with a German SIM in Austria.

One thing that you might consider is, if going with a SIM from abroad
might be not cheaper.

(E.g. roaming with my Austrian T-Mobile SIM card would be cost
EUR15/MB in Canada. *g* Remembering the joys of roaming: People call
you in the night because they don't know about the timezone you are

> in the neighborhood of $1000-2000/month.  We have awful data plans
That's probably to expensive for most people, which again kills they
calculation. At least our local telcos started to comprehending that
they need a mass market product to recoup the fees they paid for the
UMTS licenses ;)


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