Ready For Prime Time?

Duncan Hudson openmoko at
Thu Jan 25 04:40:49 CET 2007

Dave Crossland wrote:
> On 24/01/07, Duncan Hudson <openmoko at> wrote:
>> I'm starting to get excited about the phone, and I really don't want to
>> see my hopes dashed.  Has an FCC filing been made, is the phone ready to
>> go?
> I believe so. From
> :
>    2007-03-11 Phase 1: Official Developer Launch
>    We will sell the Neo1973 direct from for US$350 plus
>    shipping. Sales and orders will be worldwide. We are specifically
>    targeting open source community developers.
That's encouraging - I am anxiously awaiting the Neo.  But it doesn't 
answer the question as to whether or not an FCC filing has been made.  
Maybe it can be used elsewhere on 3/11, but it can't be used in the US 
unless it's been certified by the FCC.  Generally when the certification 
is done the filing is visible online - I don't see any OpenMoko or FIC 
filings listed for such a device.  And that worries me, as I'm dieing 
for this thing to arrive.


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