Reactions From Other People to News of OpenMoko

Mary Stovel mstovel at
Thu Jan 25 22:39:17 CET 2007

Just a few thoughts.  I recently  discovered  OpenMoko while  
researching the Apple iphone.  I am not a developer, but enjoy  
reading this forum.   I do not think  the average user knows much  
about... the concept of locked and unlocked... much less open.  I am  
your general user, looking for an innovative, easy to use phone that  
I can use with any provider...which leaves out the Apple iphone.  I  
looked at the Nokia E and N series unlocked phones, but expensive and  
too many gadgets and programs I don't need or want.

   The OpenMoko appeals to me because it is innovative and cool  
looking.   Also, I am tired of having to replace my phone...I have 5  
right now that are useless.  I want a phone that can update and add  
applications that  I want.   I want a phone that I can just slip in a  
sim from what ever provider gives me the best deal.    I was  
thinking, if the OpenMoko phone had an easy  way for people to add  
applications like the Widgets, the average user would like it.  ( I  
would be willing to pay the developer after a trial).   I don't know  
any average users that care about using their phone to browse the  
web, but I do know a few that would like having a phone that would  
let you use one phone at home and away ( like the T-Mobile  
Hotspots at home project in Seattle)  A phone that could be used with  
Truephone or Gizmo Project would be great.  Sorry to be mentioning  
the wi-fi thing again.    I understand  that will be a future thing  
for Moko.  Or perhaps, one of you has or will come up with an idea of  
another way to connect for free or low cost call.  I use T-Mobile  
prepaid and Sunrocket Voip.... cancelled my landline 2 years ago.  I  
live in Portland Oregon where free wi-fi is being wired to the whole  
city, thus my interest in a wi-fi capable phone.   I would buy the  
OpenMoko phone when it is available, because it has great  
possibilities and I want to watch it evolve.

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