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Sat Jan 27 16:38:33 CET 2007

On 27 Jan 2007, at 2:59 pm, David Schlesinger wrote:

> The page Mr. Crossland cites actually offers no particular  
> rationale as to why GPL is "better" than BSD, other than dark  
> mutterings about the possibility of someone's using code in "non- 
> free software".
> Is that not a freedom one can legitimately choose to allow to  
> others, Mr. Crossland? Or is the "freedom" described by the FSF the  
> only allowable kind...?

If I am free to beat someone up that does not mean the sum total of  
freedom for society is increased. By allowing someone the freedom to  
beat others up you are not defending freedom but failing to defend  
the freedom of those who could be and are beaten.

The point is real "freedom" is measured on a "whole picture" basis,  
not on an individual basis.

Renaissance Man

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