2-3 parallel solution to choose by the user? Re: Any alternative ideas to fullscreen popup-messages?

David Ford david at blue-labs.org
Wed Jan 31 23:12:40 CET 2007

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> [..]
> D'oh. That surprises me a bit... after all, the Neo is a phone, so I
> would think incoming phone calls should always popup [in default
> profile]. What do the others think?

It shouldn't :)  Do you answer all calls to your phone?

My phone is often very busy because I use it for business.  When an
incoming call interrupts me I usually lose the work I'm doing or lose
the navigation I'm accomplishing.

The phone should ring passively just like all other icon notifications
and allow me to either answer or ignore or redirect to voicemail without
interrupting input focus or any function the phone's viewport is doing
at the moment.

It's terribly annoying to be in the middle of something and the phone
rings or a pop up happens and my fingers are already flying.. and I
inadvertently dismiss the popup or hit the wrong button on the popup or
cancel the phone call or ... etc.  In addition to that, my mind is
already 1/2 changed to the new popup and my fingers then go to "answer"
or otherwise deal with the interruption that my fingers just dealt with
a split second before and therefore I end up messing up something of
what I was doing before the incoming call or other interrupting popup

Here's a grand example.  You're inside your voicemail navigating menus
and dealing with temporary information.  Your phone rings in with a new
call and your fingers are busy hitting voicemail commands.  *bam*  Your
inbound phone call is accidently disconnected or answered not to your
choosing and because your fingers are still flying, you just
accidentally erased that new voicemail you were going to listen to
because your brain switched from voicemail handling to phone handling
and you hit the wrong button.

It should be more clear now :)


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