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Wed Jul 18 19:05:27 CEST 2007

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007, ramsesoriginal wrote:

> I though that this phone could be great for Bars/restourants/pubs: a simple
> wifi network, and an app which syncs the order typed (or choosen) by the
> waiter whith a waiter. There are plenty of such devices, I know, but if a
> phone could also do this, it would be cool. We could write our own server
> app with grafical frontend for the kitchen, or look if there's some sort of
> standrad such that we simply implement it.
> Another cool use would be (TV|Radio|Computer|xyz) remote control, eventually
> with a cool app which checks the channel guide from an rss feed.
> Another cool use could be as simple concert helper: simply create a
> TuxGuitar player/visualizer. And incorporate something like Jokosher, a
> guitar tuner. With some proper setup, could be cool.
> p.s. As Bluetooth keyboard, i recommend

While extremely high on geek value, I've read reviews that suggest that this
keyboard is not so comfortable to use. I'll probably get a BT mechanical
keyboard. Anyone have recommendations for one?

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