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> Hello there,
> Pascal d'Hermilly wrote:
> > With 2008.12 release, a well working finger-friendly keyboard is the 
> > most critical missing feature for me.
> > I've made a mockup of a keyboard that I think would make things a lot 
> > easier to type.
> >
> >
> > I don't have the skills to code this, but please. I really need a good 
> > keyboard to be able to use my openmoko.
> >   
> I fully agree that we need a proper finger-friendly keyboard. I'm sure 
> that it is planned, and I can sort-of remember that the Matchbox 
> keyboard has big enough keys to be a lot easier to use than the Illume 
> keyboard. Here are some other keyboard examples:
> A weird keyboard on M$ Mobile (yech!):
> Iphone keyboard styled like the Macbook Air (now this looks the business!):
> Blackberry's Iphone keyboard ripoff:
> All of them have nice big buttons and share a simple layout. The FR's 
> screen is big enough even in portrait mode to accommodate a keyboard 
> like this. The Illume keyboard, as excellent as it is (thanks Raster!!), 
> is fiddly to use without a stylus. I would like to not have to use a 
> stylus to compose notes/emails/sms. For terminal use (and using VI) a 
> more complete k/b is of course justified, but for everyday use we need a 
> nice finger keyboard.

with dictionary correction the illume keyboard (and the qtopia one) in normal
plain qwerty for writing notes and emails and sms's work just great - i've used
them walking down the street and i can type better on it than i can on my rokr
e6 WITH a stylus. in fact my n800 with a landscape 4.3" screen is almost
equivalent in usability (it doesnt dictionary correct).

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