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Ben Wong at
Sun Dec 22 23:26:02 CET 2013

I'm sure it could; your FreeRunner is a complete computer.

The question is if you have the time (or money to hire someone) to
write the glue script that will put all the pieces together. Let's
see, the parts you'll need are:

1. Check your mail account (fetchmail or python's imaplib)
2. Do a regex check to see if it's "important" (egrep/python/perl/awk/...)
3. Convert it to SMS format
    3a. MIME extract (munpack or python's email package)
    3b. Optionally remove HTML markup (lynx -dump or Beautiful Soup's
get_text() function)
4. Send it as an SMS messages (dbus to FSO works but may not be "best


On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Philip Rhoades <phil at> wrote:
> People,
> I have not used my FreeRunner for ages and probably should donate it someone
> who can make use of it but a thought occurred to me:  It would be good to
> have something that could act like a SMS server eg I have a demand where if
> an (urgent) email comes into a particular account, that the contents of the
> email are able to be resent as an SMS out through a mobile device gateway to
> a number of phones - could OpenMoko be rejigged to do this somehow?
> Regards,
> Phil.
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