GNUstep/Objective-C SDK for OpenMoko --- jffs2 on MacOS X?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Thu Oct 18 16:19:08 CEST 2007

Dear all Mac based developers and GTA01 owners,

after Apple has announced an SDK for native applications on the  
iPhone (I assume it will allow to write .app bundles with Xcode), I  
think I should mention (again?) that we are already working on a  
Cocoa compatible Objective-C based SDK for the Neo.  The project is  
called mySTEP/QuantumSTEP ( 
page=About) and is based on GNUstep (with heavy modifications to make  
it work nicely on a FPU-less ARM system).  You can download the SDK  
and track for updates e.g. through Versiontracker: http://

Together with Xtoolchain you can compile existing (pure Cocoa based)  
applications in just 5 minutes:  you just have to add a Shell Script  
Run Phase to the project target, configure a little and build the  
application.  The result is an .app bundle that includes an ARM-Linux  
binary ready to run on the real hardware (BTW: the resulting ARM  
binaries are typically very small - in the 16-100kByte range).

To really run this bundle on the Neo, a runtime system needs to be  
installed.  This process is currently still quite difficult through  
ssh (and we have in addition some severe show-stopping bugs in the  
first boot phases).  But we intend announce a first snapshot rootfs  
for the GTA01 soon.

For that purpose I have a question:  does anybody know how to create  
a .jffs2 rootfs image directly on MacOS X (without running Open  
Embedded in a VM)?  I have not found a FUSE module.

Nikolaus Schaller

PS: If you are interested in contributing and beta-testing, please  
send me a private mail.

Golden Delicious Computers GmbH&Co. KG
Buchenstr. 3
D-82041 Oberhaching

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