Booting from SD card.

clare u5618 at
Sun Mar 16 06:34:25 CET 2008

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008, Andy Powell wrote:
>> Andy I did try it briefly, using an SD boot from that old file of yours
>> u-boot-good-for-sd-boot-r13_0_2632_0.bin  It seems to have gone from
>> your site. luckily I kept a copy.
> Hmmmm it's still there...

It didn't occur to me to go to Parent Directory; so thankyou.

> but it is old....

> you just need to be sure to specify which bit of the nand you are erasing
> otherwise it gets ugly fast.

It is dated November, that bug was fixed by early August; I have not
ever erased the boot partition as by the time I started getting serious
it was all over :)

I did of lot of trials with that really old u-boot, with no problems.
THen I tried a FIC one of March 5

THe new one the difference is that when it goes to the SD card it
prints the Manufacturer details and then

whereas the older one fills in a big number for size and goes ahead.

Does this happen to anyone else?


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