Openmoko build / R&D vs Integration

John Lee john_lee at
Thu Apr 17 10:44:55 CEST 2008

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 07:12:38AM +0100, Andy Green wrote:
> Not at all.  I read each eagerly.  Holger had a plan but I don't have
> any host opkg here, it's not in the toolchain thing.  I didn't see a URL
> to download the new Poky thing, it isn't ready yet if I understood it
> and seems to sit on stuff that isn't in place on my side.  And John's
> helpful advice about where to get dev files, it talks about paths on
> some host I don't know which one.  And Fedora bitbake just gives errors
> about setting CACHE still.  I get to feel like an idiot and get nowhere.

Hi Andy,

Again, could you PLEASE tell me what you're trying to do here?  You
just want to compile dm2, or you want to modify the code?

Everyone here has simliar setup and they actually use it everyday.  I
will just write what works for us right now.  Remove the fedora
bitbake.  Ignore the libts-dev (It's on buildhost, what do you mean by
"I don't know which one"?) at least for now.

You can find everything I wrote here on

First of all the easiest way to setup the environment is MokoMakefile.

For the impatient:

basically you just need to

mkdir ~/moko
cd ~/moko
make setup
make update

If any necessary tool missing, install it.  I'd say monotone.  Now you
wait.  We aren't compile anything yet.  Just setting the env.

After that you should have ~/moko/build .

cd ~/moko/build
svn co
vim conf/local.conf, add

BBFILES := "${OEDIR}/build/packages/*/*.bb ${OEDIR}/openembedded/packages/*/*.bb"

Now you're all set.

cd ~/moko
source setup-env
bitbake openmoko-dm2

Wait some more.

More stuffs in my previous mail:

If you encounter any problem, grab me on IRC/mail/whatever.

Since it's a public list here I would like to add:

The internal OE overlay is for NDA stuff such as production testing
software.  Now we decided to open that up as well.  This dm2 and tslib
fuss is part of it.


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