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Sébastien Lorquet squalyl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 10:05:48 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm new to openmoko, with a clear project in mind.
I have heard of these new mobile phones that are able to switch between GSM
and Wifi on-the-fly.

Why is it interesting? This handover thing is currently developed by some
mobile operators as a "very useful service" to set-top-boxes owners. An
implementation in openMoko could be interesting. Moreover, currently most
wifi phones only use skype, but using GSM allows a network switch without
breaking the communication.

Of course it won't exist until we have wifi embedded, but it's always
possible to prepare!

We could imagine a multi-network application for openmoko dialer:
-direct with GSM
-GSM trough Wifi (with automatic handover to plain GSM when wifi becomes
unavailable, etc... )

According to GSM specs, GSM data packets can be tunneled over an IPSec
tunnel to dedicated access routers.

Do you think we have enough information about the GSM modem embedded in this
phone to allow this service to be implemented?
I have followed the parallel thread on this list about modem documentation,
but it doesn't help me, cause I don't know if accessing GSM packets can be
achieved through AT commands interface or not.

As this modem has a separate audio path, I guess it will be difficult, but
it would be great if someone of you could confirm or explain all of this...

Thank you very much.

Sébastien LORQUET
Ingénieur ENSPG 2006 / ENSIMAG-ASI 2007
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