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Fri Oct 26 17:43:57 CEST 2007

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Hi Koen,
    I will keep working on these patches.
Some of the patches change the architecture and
I have to be very careful on these patches.
I think I will finish review these patches before the end of next week.


Koen Kooi 提到:
> Tick schreef:
>> I'd want to accept the following patches:
>> fix_read_msg_index.patch sms_decode_dcs.patch
>> lgsm_send_simple-return-rc.patch handle_cms_cme_error.patch
>> enableCPHS_retrieve_VM.patch
> Thanks for working on this!
> What about these patches:
> 0001-Introduce-ports.patch
> 0002-Flush-all-pending-commands-before-restarting-the-mod.patch
> 0003-Correctly-segment-incoming-usock-data-into-packets.patch
> 0004-Handle-read-and-write-return-values.patch
> the above 4 patches are applied in OE, and hence used on gta01 and
> gta02
> And from Andrew's git tree:
> 4b30df08754d350b103f1c7af7d5265d8b0926da is a fix for
> (bugzilla attachment #355). It should fix bug #906, which depends
> on #928.
> 8e4a2c682185ee441c8b3f4a067ffe36a8de7605 is a fix for
> (bugzilla attachment #359).
> dfdffa502f5dc9b71dc041d61e8e2f94bf14e02e is the bugzilla attachment
>  #360 (see bug #928).
> d2f677230a0d3619c9336c2b60ebdfc123aa1c38 changes a free() to a
> talloc_free() in gsmd, the free() caused a glibc abort on my PC
> (but not on Neo for some reason).
> 8f0be827f5da5c62c64e287a0054d9597b00cee8 makes sure no clients can
> submit their commands through usock before gsmd executes the
> commands from its init sequence. This eliminates a timing issue
> where openmoko-dialer commands (e.g. the antenna power-up, register
> to network) could sometimes be queued before the AT interpreter was
>  initialised by gsmd.
> regards,
> Koen
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