Data connection management in openmoko

Rémi COHEN-SCALI remi at
Sat Feb 9 16:04:21 CET 2008

Hello all

I'd like to contribute uses cases, a spec and maybe later code for 
handling data connections (settings, establishment and management). I'am 
a software architect for a phone manufacturer and I'am pretty 
experienced with that kind of stuffs. I'd like to discuss with you about 
it. I have read almost all content in wiki and lists archives but saw 
nothing about it. The gsmd seems to still miss this part.

My questions are:

Is there already some uses cases, specs or designs for that part of the 
software ? Do you already have an idea of how to handle connection ? For 
example uses cases as:
 - browsing the web and then receive an mms
 - listening in the background streaming music through high QoS PDP 
context and then want to see a page

Do you plan to support some network having always on PDP contexts ?

Do you want to have a central design for managing resources (as audio, 
connection, etc) ? Some rules, stored in a central repository, to 
specify different strategies for different operators ?

Thanks for your help

Best regards


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