OpenMoko application as Final Year Project

Lars Hallberg lah at
Tue Oct 9 19:02:46 CEST 2007

Derek Pressnall skrev:
>> Your idea is novel (to me), but the following seems more useful for text input:
> The main difference with my idea is that when you press the center of
> a button, you woudn't need to drag your finger/stylus off the button,
> just a small amount to one side or the other.  With this, you can
> actually press a button and roll your finger one way or the other to
> select different characters, with a motion similar to wiggling a
> physical button.  For feedback, I'd suggest having the button's 3D
> shadow animated to shift to one side or the other to reflect the
> direction that the button is wiggling.

Still think You shuld check out the octakey demo. It does exactly this 
(- 3D effects, but they probably useless is the finger will hide them):

> Oh, and I'd also suggest limiting the number of directions that you
> can come off a particular button.  The higher number of directions,
> the more likelyhood of having an input error.  I think a 4-way would
> be much more accurate than a 6-way pattern.  But I'd have to
> experiment with both in order to see if there is that big of a
> difference.

octakey is 8-way, but optimized for up, down, left, right. To reliable 
do diagonal drags the drag need to be longer.


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