Rod Whitby rod at
Wed Mar 14 00:22:52 CET 2007

Mike wrote:
> SmartPhone Connect and Data Connect ONLY?
> All t-mobile data plans will work? All?
> Are you with the openmoko project or is your advice conjecture?  Is your
> advice official?
> This is my point.
> I would shut up since on this subthread, I look like the only one with
> the problem.  But if you read my "What mobile plan..." thread, you'd
> find others with similar questions and confusion.

Please consider that it may not be the actual question you are asking,
but the way in which you are asking it.

Threatening OpenMoko by saying that you will tell lots of other people
to leave the project is not a useful way to get your question answered ...

Saying that OpenMoko should have details of *all* phone plans
*worldwide* well ahead of a September public release is also not very

[Especially when in most (if not all) of the world GSM is GSM and the
Neo will just work with whatever plan people already have for their
existing GSM phone.]

Remember that you are being given a *developer preview* of a future
mobile phone that is being released in September.  If it was a different
company, you would not see *anything* other than a press release before
September.  You should temper your expectations accordingly ...

I personally would prefer that OpenMoko staff continue working on
development of the phone hardware and software, rather than spend months
of time documenting and testing all the phone plans in the world, just
so you don't have to do the legwork yourself.

-- Rod

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