Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Wed Mar 14 00:54:27 CET 2007

Mike Krier writes:
>Marcel de Jong wrote:
>> What exactly do you expect for an answer, Mike?
>I expect something official for an answer from someone official.

You're asking for something I can't imagine you're going to get.  You
want someone from FIC to give you a guarantee of how a third-party is
going to behave -- they're no more going to take liability for how
Cingular or T-Mobile is going to behave than Cingular or T-Mobile will
take liability for telling you how the NEO will behave.  The reason
you can get that with phones sold through Cingular or T-Mobile is that
there is a contract between those companies, and if Cingular makes a
promise regarding a Nokia phone and the phone doesn't do it, somewhere
behind the scenes Nokia will owe Cingular money.

The best you can get from a third-party phone is "the phone conforms
to the standards.  The GSM companies say they conform to the
standards.  If they're telling the truth (and we haven't made a
mistake) then the phone will work."

If that isn't good enough for you -- if you need Cingular or
T-Mobile's guarantee that the phone will work -- then you should buy
your phone through Cingular or T-Mobile.

No, I'm nobody official and this isn't any sort of official word from
openmoko or FIC.

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