Mike fromlists at
Wed Mar 14 17:10:22 CET 2007

Harald Welte wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 03:21:06PM -0400, Mike wrote:
>> What this has to do with wifi is covered in my last email.  If I can't 
>> have wifi on the device, then I have to rely on the mobile service 
>> provider.  If I have to rely on the mobile service provider, then I have 
>> to figure out what plan to get.  If we have to do that, then the 
>> openmoko people shouldn't leave us entirely on our own.  If they're 
>> going to sell worldwide then they should FIGURE OUT worldwide.
> [you are completely forgetting about bluetooth!]
> It is by all means not the task of a device manufacturer to give you
> recommendations on what kind of calling plan for data services you
> should subscribe in your particular country of residence.
> Firstly, it's none of our business.
> Secondly, there are just way too many countries, most of which have many
> operators, each of which has incredibly complex calling plans, changing
> rapidly.  I don't believe that a small effort of a hand full of
> developers (like openmoko is) can ever reliably track that kind of
> information.

Thanks Harald, that settles it for me, then.

If what you say is true, I can't imagine what the business case is for
expensive third-party phones.  "Here's a $350 device, good luck getting
it to be useful. Pick a two year contract and cross your fingers."

I don't know how anyone makes the decision to buy such a device.  At
first I thought this was only a temporary problem in the development
phase, but from why you're saying, neither the openmoko people nor fic 
will give that info out even in september either, right?  The general 
public will be left to to rumors, "I heard this device will work on this 
plan... maybe".

I had thought this would be like other third party electronics- like
third party phone chargers for example- which do specify (and guarantee)
what they'll work with. I guess not.

Thanks Harald, I'm out,


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