Mockup or what else?

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Tue Sep 16 20:46:44 CEST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 06:06:32 +0200 "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at>
> babbled:
>>> On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 20:13:39 +0200 Bumbl <bumbl3x3 at> babbled:
>>>> Are these mockups or where can I obtain this theme.
>>>> It looks amazingly good.
>>> i don't do mockups... :) they pollute! :) it's real. ignore the clock and
>>> its background - that's just a test app i wrote (called Ello). i'm in the
>>> middle of doing illume extensions to e17's nw default theme.
>> Woow! That's really amazing... Rasterman you're always the only who can 
>> make us dreaming even more.
> don't think it's amazing. :) it's just using the power already lurking under
> the hood there with edje etc. i generally code things to have much more power
> than is apparent - with simple changes of configuration/data files. i like to
> do it this way because i know most people are not coders. they should not rely
> on programmers to just be able to change a look and feel. this is something i
> prefer to put into the hands of users as much as possible. sometimes it
> complicates a lot of things - but in the end, it is worth it. i'm just using
> the power already there. you can too! there's a toango theme which is also doing
> it!
> e (and also illume) are built in a way where this can be flexible and right now
> in om's asu (2008.08) you're relatively limited. you can change theme. e does
> have a whole config profile system where you can quickly change the entire
> setup to a previously stored profile you have with an instant flip. i've
> started using them more heavily in some last changes i made to asu (2008.08/on
> to 2008.09) and fso - so they use asu and fso profiles respectively. anyway...
> there needs to be work on the ui look and feel to make it at least "out of the
> box" impressive enough to have people drool and go "i want me some of that open
> source stuff there!"
>> Btw I didn't read before the bad news about leaving Openmoko [1]... This 
>> made me really so much sad. Reading your latest mail I figured that your 
>> relationship with Om was not going so well (didn't they leave you enough 
>> space of developing how and what you'd have liked?), but I really hoped 
>> that this wouldn't ever happen... :(
>> Now that enlightenment is so important for Openmoko, what will be our 
>> future? Since the main E developer isn't anymore part of Openmoko, its 
>> development won't be anymore Om-focussed; then Rasterman in the near 
>> future could be occupied in other things, so his interest for e-embedded 
>> could decrease and with it also the quality of the software that we'll use.
> it'll be focused on what i want. trust me - been quietly preparing for embedded
> for many years - and it still interests me a lot. i will be doing stuff - but
> pretty much on my own terms as to what i see is right. what i see as right of
> course is heavily influenced by what users want and need and say they have
> problems with - i generally would take that and digest it into an acceptable
> technical solution in the end. it isn't always perfect - it's hard to be. but
> you can give it a good go and try and get a lot of the way there. users are
> also not just nerds.. they are also "what would my grandmother do?" general
> questions. try and cover both groups - "make it an option". options come in
> many varieties. sometimes its better as an installable app/package, sometimes it
> just takes too much work to do that, sometimes its better as a runtime option,
> sometimes as something else. sometimes you can do it both ways and not make it
> bad for either group (keep everyone happy) :). i generally prefer runtime
> options u do not need to install - if they come at "pretty much no extra cost".
> no magic packages to find or be told about. just browse the config options (in
> advanced mode) and fiddle until it does what you want :)
>> However there's another question to Openmoko: another important 
>> developer left openmoko; unfortunately he's not the first of the list.
>> Why this happens so often? In every message I've read about, it's always 
>> stated that there's no so much "openness" as it should be.
>> This won't to be a flame, but we all know how people like Rasterman are 
>> important for the project. I can't really understand how we can throw 
>> those opportunities away...
what's about that clock
is this a widget or what is it
it would be cool if had something like openmoko-today - bugs for fso / e 
and illume

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