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Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Sep 17 20:44:25 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-17 08:24 keltezéssel:
>> Yes, search is bad, and will be even worse with more translations.
> Not when we have each language in its own namespace.
> I was wondering if we can have multiple roots for the category tree.
> Can we have "Category:Categories/Russian","Category:Categories/French" 
> and then use this as alternate roots, i.e. keep them uncategorized ?

This is exactly what we do, isn't it?

Scroll down to

# Categories (10 members)
# Categories/ar (2 members)
# Categories/cs (1 member)
# Categories/it (3 members)
# Categories/nl (2 members)
# Categories/ro (1 member)
# Categories/ru (1 member)

On you can switch 
languages. The only missing part is that you cannot fully navigate in 
the language versions, because a lot of those category pages is not 
created yet.

So does that mean, language categories will be in the main namespace and 
not in the lagnauge's namespace? Or is there no such thing as "category 
in namespace" at all? Actually, if it will work like it does now, I am 

>> 14#Category_structure_discovering_and_planning
>> It's not very deep anymore. 3-4 levels where really needed (e.g. Phones,
>> 1973, and tons of subcategories for 1973, in general it's "flat". :-)
> I still want to shoot for a two levels categorization.
> How about a top level category named "Infrastructure" for the refugees 
> from "Technical" that are currently level 3 under "Guide" ?
> The concept of Infrastructure applies to middleware (Framework, DBus) but also 
> to Carriers and Host OS...

Still thinking. Moving some of those sounds reasonable, but I am not 
happy with a name ("Infrastructure") on what users won't know what to 
expect when clicking. Some words mean so many things so that they mean 

Anyway, if you have a "Functional Subsystems" main category, dbus and 
framework could be included. (and all other middleware, maybe I would 
even make an X11, because I had troubles categorizing some X11 articles).

To reduce the size of the destination  (currently "Hardware) category, I 
think what could be taken out.

Hardware ideas -> not a functional subsystem
Diagram -> maybe we could simply delete this single-article categroy

Neverending story.

Articles in Category:Hardware would be very easy to recategorize.

Is "Kernel" also a functional subsystem? (Hopefully. ;-) )

Please don't do this major change yet, let's see what other 
documentation guys say.

Summary: rename Hardware to Functional Subsystems and let

- hardware only
- hardware and software
- software only

subsystems live together. (Many of them are "hardware AND software", so 
it would just make many things easier. (Hopefully.))



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