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a dehqan <dehqan65 at> writes:
> 3 - Problem is that : our religion Eslam says you can use a person
> code while he/she allows you , now There are codes and wiki and
> .. on Google host .Even google is not owner of codes , Host pertains
> to google . So using that address and host is not possible for
> moslems now .

I can't exactly follow the logic. You said google doesn't want you to
use their site. In fact i doubt that's true. They don't care if you
use their site or not; they implemented that "restriction" solely to
make some US jerks happy and to not have any problems with their
inappropriate legislation. Also you should note that google is not a
person, it's a large corporation functioning in a complex
international environment. So even if they say they're prohibiting
something it doesn't mean they actually do (and in fact they can't)
and/or want it.

I hope someone more skilled in Islam than me can clarify this matter
from a religious POV but judging on common grounds it's perfectly
moral to circumvent an artificial restriction especially given that
restricting anybody is not intended.

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