Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Mon Apr 13 11:17:12 CEST 2009

Steve Mosher wrote:
> Dave Ball wrote:
>> But whether a 02.5 is sane would depend when it might enter MP.
>  Yup. Now you get why we had such a hard time pulling the trigger on it.
>  you have GTA02  shipping  an GTA02 -G that perform better and costs 
> less, which kills the 02 and an gta03 in flight which kills them both.

My thinking was a gta02.5 would effectively be a gta02/A8 or A9 - 
polishing the existing device for more users, but it probably not enough 
to persuade all existing gta02 owners to upgrade.  You'd have to clear 
any existing gta02 stock before introducing a gta02.5, so yes - the 
market for that device wouldn't be huge, but the investment and risk 
would also be relatively small (compared to the more sophisticated gta03 

I don't know which of those (if any) make a 2.5 impractical - is it OM's 
plan to continue selling gta02 throughout the life of your next phone?  
Or is the larger concern about cannibalising sales of existing stock 
over the next few months?

>  and then you had conflicts over engineering resource.

It sounds like a gta03 is going to require major investment, and 
currently doesn't have a clear vision / target market.  I'd say that 
needs to be fixed, before committing more engineering resources to a 
gta03 project - which is what I'd understood OM's approach would be 
while working on the mysterious "project B".

What kind of sales / project life do you need to achieve for a sane ROI 
for these potential devices?


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